Single And Hating It...Destined And Not Denied!

Characters Liya and Zenia are two sassy, born‐again, spirit‐filled Christians who have experienced much of life’s challenges. They differ in personality, but the pursuit of their purpose and longing for their Godmates have united them on a path filled with humour, heartache, loss and much more. Life’s journey has led them to experience relationships of all kinds as they encounter a variety of characters along the way, which challenges their friendship, respective personal beliefs and personalities.

Available Spring 2016! The upcoming book "Single And Hating It...Destined And Not Denied" is the first release of the LiZi Toones animated book series by authors Denise Chand and Jennifer John. The series comprises of short stories based on the authentic experiences, often taboo to speak of in church or to other Christians, yet described in animation with a tinge of humour to bring laughter to the human spirit. It shares insights into the different relationship dynamics the authors have personally experienced, and endeavour to inspire, motivate and empower their readers.

It will liberate you from a mindset of impossibilities and bitterness derived from challenging relationships, as it provides visual humour to the many lessons of life learnt through experience and observation of others.

Though the book is based on two Christian characters, it is not limited to Christian readers. Pain, happiness, love, heartache, relationships, friendships, laughter are universal words carrying universal effects; therefore, any reader would be able to find his/her personal revelation and insight from it. Men can also read it and gain insight into their own lives.

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