Articles | Blog Canada's Anti-Bullying Reporting Program
By NPO Empowering Students and Schools

Canada-wide anti-bullying program which allows any student who is a victim or witness of bullying and cyberbullying to be able to safely report the details to school officials.

D & J's Book Club


by Malcolm Galdwell

Woman Without Limits

by Daisy Osborn

I Declare

by Joel Osteen

By Denise Chand

Can a generational cycle of a battle with eating disorder be broken? One young woman shares her story of witnessing her mother’s personal struggle and also learning of her grandmother.

Self - Image, the Man in the Mirror
By Jennifer John

So what do you see, when you look into the mirror? Is there something in particular that catches your attention? a physical attribute or is it something that is not readily seen like wounds from a past experience.

Single and Hating It
By Denise Chand

Who is single and actually loving it? Sure some truly do but for those who don’t, aren’t you tired of being asked “Are you married yet?” or “Are you seeing anyone?”, being told “You’re too picky” or “You need to go out more often”.